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  1. Angels

    A wonderful hamper basket which is one of our most popular. A heavenly delight for any recipient.
  2. Bliss

    An exquisite hamper full of delicious Christmas treats packed in a lovely basket. Blissful.
  3. Celebration

    Christmas fun is what this hamper is all about. Packed with wonderful treats to share and celebrate with friends.
  4. Del Bricchi

    Cantine Frassino - Carbernet 750ml, Salumificio Gonella - Truffle Flavoured Lard 225g, Salmuficio Gonella - Special Truffle Flavoured Salami 150g, Ferrari Formaggi - Grana Padano DOP Cheese 150g, La Sassellese - Coffee Flavoured Biscuits 100g, Antico Pastificio Umbro - Strangozzi, homemade pasta with string binding 250g, Il Vecchio Pastificio Di Gragnano - Paccheri Pasta from Gragnano PGI 250g, Saporie - Peasant Style Sauce 185g, Grissinificio Europa - Handmade Olive Oil Flavoured Langhetti Breandsticks 100g, Biscottificio Belli - Fig Flavoured Almond Biscuits 90g, Molino Di Borgo S.Dalmazzo - Bramata Oro Maize Polenta 250g, Molino Di Borgo S.Dalmazzo - Special Peasant Style Thick Soup 250g.
  5. Elegance

    MANFREDI Barbera d'Asti DOCG x75cl, MANFREDI Dolcetto di Dogliani DOCG x75cl, MANFREDI Gavi DOCG x75cl
  6. Holly

    Our top of the range hamper. This is one special hamper and is designed for that someone special this Christmas.
  7. Piemonte

    Cantina Moranera - Barbera d’Asti DOCG 750ml, Salumificio Gonella - Truffle Flavoured Lard 225g, Salumificio Gonella - Special Truffle Flavoured Salami 150g, Cascina Loverina - Raviolini, egg pasta stuffed with raw ham 250g, Molino di Borgo S.Dalmazzo - Traditional Taragna Maize Porridge 250g, L’Antica Madia- Pasta Shells, bronze drawn pasta 250g, Saporie - Penny Bun Sauce 185g, Alfieri - "Madernassa" baked Pears from Roero without sugar 600g Salumificio Gonella - Seasoned Bacon 225g, Baratti & Milano - Superfine Gianduiotti Ballotin Chocolates 75g, La Sassellese - Moscato Flavoured Doughnuts 90g.
  8. Prestigio

    Giovanni Cova & C - Classic Panettone (Hand Wrapped) 750g, Cantine Cav. Ceste - Rosé Millesimato 2017 Sparkling Wine 750ml, Cantine Frassino - Merlot 750ml, Salumificio Vecchi - Traditional Pre-cooked Ham Shank 300g, Molino di Borgo S.Dalmazzo - Good Luck Lentils 150g, L’Antica Rocca - Classic Strolghino Salami (Hand Wrapped) 150g, Gi.Sa. - Yellowfin Tuna in Olive Oil 160g, Toschi - Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI 250ml, Il Vecchio Pastificio di Gragnano - Paccheri Pasta from Gragnano PGI 250g, Molino di Borgo S.Dalmazzo - Taragna Maize Polenta from Valtellina 250g, Illycaffè - Monoarabica Powdered Coffee 125g, La Sassellese - Piemonte PGI Hazelnut Flavoured Biscuits 90g, Biscottificio Roero - Hazelnut Cake 250g, Caffarel - Classic Ballotin Chocolates 80g, Baratti & Milano - Extra Fondant Chocolate with granulated Arabian Coffee 75g, Di Costa - Torrone covered in Fondant Chocolate - 100g.
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8 Item(s)